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Midtown Medical Clinic

Level 4/250 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Now practising at 2 new locations
Please note that there is a medical record transfer fee $25.00 to be collected by CSMC if you wish to have medical records transferred. I apologise for this. 

MIDTOWN MEDICAL CLINIC: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Appointment book is open.  Please ring: 03 9654 4284 

Online booking is available via HotDoc


Executive Health Screening, Pre-employment screening, Health checks, Mother & baby clinic will be available. Regular consultations can also be arranged.  Please contact Southgate Medical Centre via email or phone 03 9690 1433.

Make an online booking here.

Pre-Travel to Japan COVID-19 PCR test request form 出国72時間前 新型コロナウイルス PCR検査をご希望の方はフォームを英語でご記入の上、送信して下さい。

COVID PCR negative certificate is required to enter Japan.  As an Embassy of Japan approved certifier, I will be able to provide a certificate nationwide. 
Please contact:
Southgate Medical Centre (japan@southgatemedical.com.au)

Please refer to Embassy of Japan for details.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, Pre-travel COVID 19 PCR/COVID-19 negative certificate is required for anyone entering Japan. (Japanese nationals and non-nationals) as of 27 Dec 2020.

If you wish to have Pre-travel covid PCR, it is a universal requirement to have the test done within 72 hours of departure from the country.

COVID-19 certificate process (before an appointment):​​

  1. Please email to request an appointment for Pre-travel PCR referral/certificate, preferably at least  1 week prior to departure.  You can arrange an appointment to see me through HotDoc booking system/telephone or email. 

  2. ​​Please email us a copy of your passport ID page (that shows passport number clearly),  itinerary.  We also need current Australian address and phone number.  Contact details whilst your stay in Japan. 

  3. PCR can be performed at following sites:

Southgate Medical Centre (M15/3 Southgate Ave, Southbank)

Or please go to the following links and check the best location for you.

Please note that although public hospitals/collection sites are available, however they may not perform the PCR if you do not fall under the category for testing. 


At the appointment:

  1. I will ring you on a provided mobile phone number for telephone/video consultation

  2. During consultation (approx 15 min), we will decide on the date/time/site of the PCR testing.

  3. Test referral (PDF) will be emailed to you.  If available, please print out the referral.

  4. Take the referral to the site.  After the PCR testing, you are to remain in self isolation.  

  5. You will receive a result via SMS from pathology company usually within 24 hours.  When you receive a result, please email us to admin@doctoraiko.com.

  6. Even after you receive a negative result, you are still required to avoid as much social interaction as possible.

  7. As an approved Embassy of Japan certifier, I will issue a COVID 19 test certificate via PDF 


Pre-travel COVID PCR negative package Fee: A$250.00 inclusive of PCR fee After hours A$300.00 

If you only require certificate, please enquire. 

However, please note that we are under strict guidance from Japanese embassy not to certify a bulk-billed test result


Email to: admin@doctoraiko.com 



Prevention of corona virus 

Information is updated from time to time, and it is easy to get confused by the fact that correct information and false information are mixed.

What remains the same is thorough hand washing and cough etiquette.

Please refer to this.

Infectious disease measures

About hand washing


Fever/Respiratory clinics (coronavirus clinic)- SYMPTOMATIC patients ONLY

Please check here as the testing facility information is constantly updated.

About coronavirus


Corona virus hotline 1800 675 398 24 hours 

Influenza vaccination

If you have not had the influenza vaccine, you can go to your local GP or pharmacy.