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“What is counseling?”

What kind of image do you have?
It may have a formal image, but

``Resolve your worries and hardships through dialogue.''
A process to make your life easier

"I wonder if it's okay to discuss this with you?" is fine.
​We will help you have a better tomorrow

We provide comprehensive mental health support in collaboration with GP Dr. Aiko.


Online counseling
(18 years and older)
$120 for 50 minutes

  • We are currently not offering in-person counseling sessions.

  • We primarily use Zoom for our sessions. Please ensure you have a mobile phone or computer and access to the internet.

  • For clients under the age of 18, it is often necessary to have consultations with both the individual and their family. This requires a more careful and flexible approach. Please consult with us regarding pricing, scheduling, and other details.


Submit Booking/Enquiry Form

After submitting the form, we will respond within 1-2 days.


Check the answer

We will determine the counseling appointment date. We will also provide information about payment methods and the process leading up to the appointment.


Conduct online counseling

Please ensure you have access to the internet (via smartphone or computer).






・I am worried about my personality and habits

​・Difficult to regulate emotions​

・Hard to live

・Past experiences are difficult

​・Negative thinking

​・I want someone to talk to

Environmental Change/

Life Event













Medical Matters





Mental Unwellness








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