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By appointment only.

How to book

Please make an appointment ringing Collins Street Medical Centre or make an online booking. Due to the clinic's policy, we may ask for your credit card details to secure an appointment.

If you have any concerns about English, please email us.

Note: Online bookings are currently only available for telehealth. 

Collins Street Medical Center

Level 7/267 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000


Telehealth patient view

GP Consults


In the case of video treatment, we use an application called GP consults. You don't need to download the app. No need to sign up.

Please contact us as other platforms can be used as needed. (Example: Zoom, Skype)

Prescriptions and  referrals (image tests, blood tests, referral letters, etc.) can be sent by post / fax or e-mail to the pharmacy, laboratory, specialist, etc. of your choice. 

Acceptable insurance

Major overseas travel insurance (cashless service available)


Major private insurance * For Expatriates, temporary residents

Overseas Student Health Cover*

Japan National Insurance*

*Once you have paid the full amount of the medical examination, please inquire yourself to the insurance company. The refund amount depends on the insurance company. If you have Japanese National Insurance, please contact us.


Please bring your insurance policy at the time of consultation.

Collins Street Medical Centre consultation fee 

The medical examination fee varies depending on the content of medical treatment and time.



Medicare rebate

Standard (less than 20 min)

$ 95-$ 110

$ 38.20

Long (less than 40min)

$ 160-$ 185

$ 73.95

Extended (over 40 min)

$ 230-$ 255

$ 108.85

There may be additional costs such as other material costs and vaccine fees. Example: Influenza vaccine $15-$20.

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