Covid 19 Vaccine / PCR / Antigen test

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Person Getting Vaccinated


  • 日本人医師との診察

  • Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Novavax

  • 診察費(ワクチン込み) $98.00 

  • ​予約/問い合わせ

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陰性証明書パッケージ  QRコード付

Children's doctor


Rapid Antigen Test 

  • オーストラリア到着時、症状が現れた時など

  • $15.00 incl GST

  • 購入希望申込

Japanese PCR Test / Negative Certificate Package Fee A $ 250

     Result and certificate can be provided in PDF within 24 hours.

TEST date / location:   Mon, Wed, Fri (Dr. Tomita is available for sample collection)

Tue, Thu, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (After issuing the instruction/referral, we will guide you to the designated inspection room *) ​​​​

PCR test location * :

The PCR test by Dr. Tomita at the Midtown Clinic

during the consultation hours.

PCR tests at Pathology centre: If it is outside the clinic hours, sample will be taken in the following laboratories/test centres.

  • Melbourne SONIC Travel Testing Melbourne Pathology COVID-19 laboratory for asymptomatic patients No reservation required (incl public holidays)

  • Other regions (Australian) are also available. You can check the examination location by selecting the relevant area from this site .


Flow of the PCR test and receiving negative certificate

Once we receive your application,  we will contact you within 1 business day.

We will inform you of the date and place of the testing location and ask you if you wish to go ahead with the booking.  We will issue you a referral with an instruction (PDF) by e-mail if the sample collection will be outside of the clinic.  Please print out the referral and bring it with your passport.

The result will be given by SMS and PDF of the test results and a negative certificate will be available within 24-30 hours.

Note ​

  • Please note that free test (symptomatic) results are not supported by the issuance of negative certificates.

  • The PCR test for travel to Japan must be done within 72 hours of leaving Australia . Since the allowance for the PCR test date and time differs depending on the country of destination, please check the necessary information of your destination and the airline that you are using.

  • ​​ A cancellation fee will be charged after the instruction is issued. (If the itinerary is changed, it can be changed free of charge if it has not been inspected yet.)

For applications and inquiries, please visit the inquiry page .