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Qualifications (Japan ONLY): Psychiatrist/Occupational Physician, Certified Psychologist

Dr Mariko has a wide range of experience in various medical institutions such as general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, clinics, medical prisons and child guidance centers, and as an occupational physician for a major company. Based on experience with the COVID19 pandemic, she has recently been focusing on early intervention through various addiction treatments, home visits to shut-ins, and online counseling. Dr Mariko moved to Australia from 2022.


To welcome a better day tomorrow••

Nice to meet you. I am Mariko Shudo.

I was born and raised in Okinawa Prefecture, and after finishing university, I moved around the country several times depending on where I worked. I couldn't forget my experience traveling to Australia a few years ago, so I moved to Australia in 2022.

I like to eat.  When I eat something delicious, I feel a little bit better. I like experiencing new things, but I also like relaxing and doing nothing.


Up until now, relocation and moving to Australia was something I had hoped for, but, although it was exciting, I also experienced the difficulty of adapting to a new environment. Based on my experience, knowledge and skills as an expert, I hope to be able to support you so that you can have a better tomorrow.

Work Experience


Graduated University of Tsukuba.

​Completed initial clinical training at Tomigusuku Central Hospital.

​Completed specialized training in psychiatry at Asahi Central Hospital.

Asahi no Oka Hospital

​Kyogamine Okada Hospital

​Cocokara Heart Clinic

Atsuta Shiratori Clinic

Until now, he has worked as a psychiatrist at medical institutions, medical prisons, and child guidance centers. Also engaged in home visit medical treatment.

<Occupational Physician>

Worked as an industrial physician at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, etc.


​Started working as an online counselor due to the COVID19 pandemic. Also serves as an advisor to other counselors.

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